compliance & integrity
compliance & integrity


At Flavour Warehouse, we pride ourselves in the production of high-quality e-liquid. We hold ourselves to high standards that reflect the regulations set by the government, ensuring all production works within the GMP guidelines.

We make sure all ingredients are of UK/EU pharmaceutical and food grade to produce the purest e-liquid that coincides with Public Health England’s findings that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Legislation change is not a problem for our company as we are readily prepared and eager to adapt to any changes, especially if it means that our quality products will be further improved upon.

Our e-liquid formulas are cleverly calculated by our custom-made program that gives specific weights of ingredients required for varying types of bottles. Ultimately giving regulated e-liquids with the same great taste for different millilitres of e-liquid.

All Flavour Warehouse e-liquids are produced with compliance in mind to ensure all products meet the regulatory standards, including e-liquid production and packaging.

We have all our e-liquid analysed and tested by an independent laboratory who have verified our flavours and mixtures.

We keep a keen eye on the IBVTA website to maintain knowledge on industry changes, updates in compliance and the introduction of new laws and legislation.