Since we launched in 2012, Flavour Warehouse has grown astronomically to become the leading company in the market.

In the beginning, the business had 12 flagship flavours which were produced and sold by company owners Nathan Walton and Phil Boyle.

Not long after, they purchased their first building, which spanned 10,000 sq. ft and produced 1.2 million bottles of e-liquid per year with the help of 10 employees.

In 2014 they launched the renowned flavours Pinkman and Heisenberg which propelled Flavour Warehouse’s presence and in turn demand for e-liquid.

Following the high-demand, in 2016 Flavour Warehouse moved to a 30,000 sq. Ft building. They were now producing seven million bottles of e-liquid per year and had tripled the number of staff.

During this time the company received five awards for their best-selling e-liquid, and they began development on shortfill bottles with the Shortz collection.

Just one year after purchasing the second building, Flavour Warehouse moved for a third time, acquiring 115,000 sq. Ft site and warehouse to meet popular demand.

By 2018 Flavour Warehouse employed 100 people and was now producing 47 million bottles of e-liquid per year for both their brands and OEM customers.

In the same year, the company launched its own Nic Salts range featuring the esteemed Pinkman and Heisenberg flavours.

2018 also saw Flavour Warehouse earn five awards, including Exporter of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year award at the BIBA’s.

For 2019, Flavour Warehouse has plans to grow into bigger markets, expand its brands’ e-liquid flavours and increase OEM partnerships.