Flavour Warehouse Ltd

Sales Executive

Company Flavour Warehouse is a leading manufacturer, wholesale distributor and retailer of high-quality e-liquid and e-cigarette products with a vision to be the world’s most trusted vaping brand. Within the Flavour Warehouse portfolio, the key brands currently are Vampire Vape, Base E: Liquid and Pure Earth CBD Cosmetics and Skincare.  The Company has achieved significant year on year growth and has begun to acquire business’ in the sector. 


To create new business opportunities for Vampire Vape. Also expected to expand the scope, growth and clientele of the company. New Business Executives develop creative measures to not only increase the client portfolio but also maintain current or keep current customers as well.

Selling the goods or services of Vampire Vape is the responsibility of New Business Executive. You will assist the company to get into new markets locally and internationally. Your job directly influences the productivity and profit margins of the company. This job is very demanding and competitive, and persons must have the recommended stamina and aptitude. 

New Business Executives must be conversant and open to gaining knowledge about the product or service we provide. They must be able to answer any questions the customer might ask, be persistent in closing the deal, and negotiate different terms.


§ Have superior
negotiating skills

§ Have excellent time, planning and project
management skills

§ Be able to flawlessly present and communicate in
both written and verbal forms

§ Be resilient, detailed and creative

§ Be able to successfully work on own initiative

§ Be able to handle demands, targets, guidelines,
and high stress situations

§ Have excellent networking and business
acquisition skills

§ Be consistent, dependable and efficient

§ Have advanced leadership and organizational

§ Differentiating between Hot & cold Leads

§ Being Positive

§ Being successful

Source: Vampire Vape Job Feed