oem service
oem service


Alongside our own brands, we are also leading manufacturers of many e-liquid brands in the vaping industry.

We’re specialised and savvy in our e-liquid production, using the latest technology in manufacturing and design.

We have a proven track record that our products are of high-standards and desired by the vaping community. Knowing what works enables us to give you a product that tastes good, looks good and is readily accepted by the market. Flavour Warehouse produces trusted e-liquid that is of the highest quality.

Our OEM service isn’t just about manufacturing a product, we build relationships and collaborate with our clients to produce the best possible e-liquid.

We employ the same values and dedicated team to our OEM services. In our work, we always put the customer first, including yourself and the end customer to whom the products will be sold to.

At Flavour Warehouse we don’t just help you to become a brand we invest our time and energy into you becoming a trusted and respected brand in the industry.

We are a welcoming team that enjoys collaborating with energetic and creative brands.

If you wish to use our OEM service, contact us via the form below.

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