Product Development & Innovation

World Class Manufacturing

Flavour Warehouse’s success is solely derived from the high-quality, unique and flavoursome e-liquids that have been cleverly developed onsite. We operate in a no nut environment ensuring products are available a wide range of individuals.

We rely not only on our expertise but on customer feedback, blind taste panels and sales data so we can confidently say that our employers have a comprehensive understanding of what a successful e-liquid flavour is.

We are a curious company that is constantly learning from our customers and we take onboard feedback and integrate this into our product development process.

We’re savvy in all elements and we’re a proactive company that constantly reinvests in new technology to continuously enhance customer experience.

Our passion for vaping ricochets throughout the building which drives the generation of new, wholesome and quality products.

Product development and manufacturing is a consistent process to ensure each batch of e-liquid are equal in quality. This is achieved by strategic systems and expert employees who strive for continuity.


Flavour Warehouse has a solid team of individuals across the business that are specialists in their fields. Notable employers include scientists who are highly skilled in balancing e-liquid formulas and mixologists who are expertly trained in the bulk production of e-liquid.


Each flavour produced by Flavour Warehouse is devised from consumer trends and desires and then later replicated by the experts in the lab. Our flavours are developed, tested and revised by the mixologists who constantly work to perfect their trade.


Our e-liquid is created with a skilled hand to ensure mixtures have the perfect distribution of ingredients for a satisfying and flavoursome vape. Flavour Warehouse employs rigorous systems and structured operating procedures to ensure all products are blended together perfectly with state-of-the-art pharmaceutical-grade machinery. Our mixologists have been specially trained in-house and use a custom-made system that works out the weight of each ingredient required for an e-liquid. The formula considers the varying bottle sizes, nicotine strength and PG and VG levels. Ultimately allowing us to create a perfect formula for our e-liquid.


Packaging isn’t just a label. It’s a trademark stamp that we pride ourselves in. In each brand, we analyse the market and produce aesthetically pleasing labels that can stand the test of time in a fast-paced industry. Our design team is built up of creative individuals who are passionate about the business and understand the market. With thanks to them, each e-liquid bottle has a unique design that incorporates the brand’s values and concepts. Each label also meets TPD requirements set out by the government which lists the nicotine levels, PG and VG ratio and any other ingredients used.


We employ a hawk-eyed production team that manually checks e-liquid bottles, including the cap, seal, liquid and labels. They check the first and last five bottles of every single batch to ensure they are correct, identical and adhere to government regulations. All 10 bottles from every batch are then kept onsite for 15 years so that we can cross-check batch numbers if required at a later date. Manually checking bottles has been a successful process for Flavour Warehouse but we are developing our systems so that it will be fully automated, allowing products to be cross-examined by machines.