Quality Assurance

We Pride Ourselves On Quality

Quality assurance is an important attribute that we associate ourselves with. We work tirelessly to be the manufacturer of pure, high-quality e-liquid that is made in the UK. We extensively trial all our products to ensure it meets the needs of the customer and is fully TPD compliant.

We have an inspection process on each batch to confirm that the liquid, bottle, expiry date and labels are all correct and compliant.

Alongside this, we have our e-liquids carbonyl tested by a third party to confirm that certain chemicals including acetoin and diacetyl are absent. Whereby 0.01% is detected via an independent Certified Laboratory.

Flavour Warehouse produces only the highest quality e-liquid that can be easily replicated across all lines. All our products are created in ISO grade clean rooms in a controlled environment where end-to-end manufacturing is completed.

Our mixologists use custom-made programs that enable these experts to calculate the precise weight of each ingredient for various bottle sizes, PG/VG levels and nicotine levels.

Each manufacturing component from flavours, nicotine, PG and VG substances are sourced from approved suppliers in the UK and a select few in the USA. We use only use EU food grade flavourings and ensure the manufacturing process meets the USP/ESP pharmaceutical grade.

The end product is a fully TPD compliant e-liquid that is labelled and sealed in a child-resistant cap.


We are a responsible company that ensures all products made onsite are traceable. Every batch containing a unique code which can be referenced if required. Our state-of-the-art ERP system ensures that all our products follow the GMP guidelines which also monitors the quality of products leaving and entering the building.

Our product traceability covers a wide spectrum of information including:

  • Time & date the product was manufactured.
  • Ingredients used, including the batch of nicotine, flavourings, PG and VG substances.
  • The machine used for production.

We retain samples of each batch to manually check production and to keep a physical copy throughout the entire life of e-liquid batch.