Recycling & Sustainability
Recycling & Sustainability

Recycling Your Vape Products

Industrial plastic waste has become an increasing concern for our planet and for our customers. Flavour Warehouse is committed to becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly company. It is important that we all do our part to ensure materials are recycled correctly. It is vital that we continue to recycle metal, glass, paper, cardboard, wood and plastic – all of which have an impact on the environment worldwide. Therefore we ask you to please recycle your waste.

Recycling Your E-Liquid Bottles

All our e-liquid bottles, nibs and caps are made from recyclable material. This means that from the cap right down to the box your e-liquid arrives in everything can be recycled, provided it’s done so in the correct manner.

We ask that that you don’t throw your e-liquid bottles in normal waste. You must always make sure that your empty e-liquid bottles have been cleaned and rinsed of any residue which may remain within the bottle. See below as to how you can recycle your old e-liquid bottle correctly.

You will typically find the following symbols printed on our own brand products and packaging:

The Universal Recycling Symbol

An internationally recognised recycling symbol. It indicates that the product is capable of being recycled.

The Green Dot

The Green Dot is a widely recognised symbol. It indicates that we have donated money towards its recycling.

All our e-liquid bottles can be fully recycled, however please check with your local authority before doing so. Below are the materials for each individual part of our e-liquid bottles:

  • Plastic Bottles – produced from PET No.1 – Polyethylene Terephthalate, an easily recycled plastic
  • Plastic Nibs – produced from HDPE No.2 – High Density Polyethylene
  • Plastic Bottle Lids – produced from PP No.5, Polypropylene

Recycling Your E-Cigarette

There are also eco-friendly ways to recycle your e-cigarette and other device parts. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you safely dispose of your e-cigarette:

  1. Make sure that you dismantle your device by unscrewing all the components, removing your battery and coil.
  2. Ensure that your tank is clean of any residue. This can be done by simply washing out your tank once it has been separated from the e-cigarette battery.
  3. Recycle any glass and plastic parts of your device in your glass and plastic recycling bins.
  4. Any metal parts of your e-cigarette kit must be recycled in a separate metal bin.
  5. Designated battery bins must be used to recycle your battery, ensuring that they are disposed of in the correct manner.
  6. Any e-cigarette packaging which is either paper or cardboard can also be recycled.

If you do not have the required bins at your home or with in your local area, some businesses will offer a recycling programme. This will allow you to send back your e-cigarette kit to your selected company, who will then recycle each part correctly on your behalf.

Recycling Your Vape & E-Cigarette Batteries

E-Cigarette batteries can be recycled, however, to stop any hazardous chemicals affecting our planet it is important that any vape or e-cigarette batteries are disposed of in the correct manner.

All you must do is remove any tank, refillable pod or coils from your device and place then place the battery into a battery safety bin, often found in your local supermarket or recycling facilities. Find your local battery recycling centre with this helpful locater from recycle now.

In our Vampire Vape stores we operate a recycling scheme where we can help you to recycle your batteries safely. Find your local store below:

Recycling Refillable/Disposable Pods or Tanks

Refillable and disposable pods are not the most eco-friendly way to vape – however, with a little bit of extra work to dismantle the device, they can be recycled. As these devices increase in popularity within the UK, recycling the component parts has become more essential.

To be recycled, each individual refillable/disposable pod needs dismantling to remove any non-plastic waste, and then washing to remove any leftover residue. Once you have done those two steps, you can recycle each part in the correct eco-friendly manner.

Disposing of Any Unwanted E-Liquid

If you purchase an e-liquid which you no longer want or like, we ask that you don’t just throw this away – by just throwing away your e-liquid, it poses a risk to both our environment and wildlife.

Instead of just throwing away your e-liquid, you should ensure that you dispose of it correctly and then recycle your e-liquid bottle, as stated above. However, first see if any of your friends or family would prefer the flavour. Depending on your location there may also be an e-liquid disposal site where you can send or take your e-liquid bottle for it to be disposed of correctly.

If you are looking to dispose of your e-liquid yourself, ensure that you empty all the old e-liquid into an absorbent material – these include cat litter, sawdust or wood chippings. Once you have cleared your e-liquid bottle of any e-liquid and residue, ensure that you place both the e-liquid and your chosen absorbent material into a biodegradable bag and then throw away into your general waste.

Saving Electricity with Your E-Cigarette

To reduce pollution and any damage to our environment, reducing the electricity your e-cigarette kit uses will help to contribute towards slowing down climate change. A large amount of energy production consumes fossil fuels which affect our planet, so, as a business, we recommend saving energy wherever you can.

By turning off your e-cigarette when not in use you will preserve battery life, as well as only charging your e-cigarette until it is full. Do not leave your e-cigarette on charge overnight! By doing this you will preserve power, but also prevent any damage that could be done to your battery when it is overcharged.

Rebuildable Coils

By rebuilding your own coils, this will help reduce your waste and encourage eco-friendly vaping. Building your own coil utilises fewer materials, and by just replacing the cotton and wire it means that you don’t need to throw away the entire coil.

How To Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

We recommend that you purchase your products from a manufacturer within your country to reduce carbon footprint and benefit your environment. Here at Flavour Warehouse, we source 80% of our e-liquid ingredients from within the UK.

At Flavour Warehouse we are always looking for ways that we can improve and help our planet by using, for example, recyclable plastic, a fully traceable supply chain, ensuring we purchase from local suppliers and most recently partnering with the Big Blue Ocean Clean Up to support sustainability. We are looking forward to the future and searching for new, innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.